OCTO Drop Lite

Octo Drop Lite is a word-creation game with very simple instructions. 1) Tap to place each falling letter into one of 14 octagons, which are divided into two columns. 2) Make three- to seven-letter words. 3) Score points based on the length of the word, the value of the letters in the word, and emptying one or both of the columns.

If you fill up all the octagons without making words or allow too many letters to drop, the game ends.

Game Features:

– You’ll look at words differently! Part of the challenge is building long words that do not already contain a shorter word. Using less common letters multiplies the value of a word, so bring your “A-Game” vocabulary!

– Octo Drop Color. Use colors and objects to make patterns instead of words. Octo Drop Color is faster-paced and higher scoring than Octo Drop Word.

App Features:

– Two Starter Levels that include the most common letters falling at a leisurely pace and increasing speed slowly over time.

– Custom controls allow for free play. You can choose the letter set, start speed, increase speed, number of allowed drops, and whether the next-letter preview is turned on.

– Embedded dictionary allows you to look up definitions at the end of each game.

– Tracking for high scores and highest scoring words.

– Full instructions and automated demonstration tutorials.

– Choose from three letter styles and three color/object sets.

– Connect to your iTunes for music.

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