Ocean Wonders – Hovercraft Racing Game


‘I Love Breaking The Waves This Way!’
‘Hovercrafts Are Totally Cool. Love It!’
‘Easy To Play And It’s Really Awesome!’
‘Getting To Next Level Boosts Adrenaline!’

If you like water sports, then Ocean Wonders is totally for you! You control this giant hovercraft that is racing for the nation championship. Your task is to avoid colliding with others while finishing the race the fastest you can. You can speed up by tapping the screen, but chances are you will bump into another competitor! Through Game Center you can check how you are doing compared to your friends, and the rest of the world.

The game play is totally fun and thousands have already tried it. The adrenaline will boost through your veins while racing this monster! See how your friends perform online and try to beat them! JOIN THE OCEAN WONDERS COMMUNITY TODAY!

– Cool game for water sport fans
– FREE version supported by ads
– Super awesome graphics and motion
– Addicting and proven game concept
– Unlimited attempts to break your record
– Great sound effects and music
– Leaderboard through GAME CENTER
– Turn on/off music and sound effects
– Upgrade to ad-free version optional
– Available on iPhone and iPad

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