Occupy Ninja

★ Hello fellow member of the 99%!!! We are stressed and angry because States save Banks and the IMF imposes more and more austerity.
★ This 3D phisics based game is meant to relieve your stress pressure while having fun by slicing & dicing the symbols of those aggravating your position on a daily basis.
★ Three game modes: Danger Time (with tear gas to avoid), Don’t Miss (5 lives) and Time Attack (60 seconds play).
★ The more you slice a piece the more points you get, so you don’t just slice htem: you dice them as much as you can :)
★ Moreover, the net profit made by this game will go to help the Occupy movement and related causes, so don’t be greedy and ★help us spreading★ this game wildly, getting it real viral all over the mobile and the web! Help us to help those actively fighting our war against the greedy 1%!

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