Obsidian Rift

Can you seal the Obsidian Rift?
Will you best its dangers or will they consume you?

Obsidian Rift follows the tradition of classic, turn-based RPGs from days long past, set in a world of dark fantasy and adventure. Featuring the tale of Samuel, the veteran Paladin of the Holy Order and his journey to find his beloved Aria, you must guide Samuel through the depths of the Obsidian Rift in order to vanquish the evil that consumes it. Humanity is sparse in this world and the Templars of the fortress known as Cathedral are the only ones with strength enough to hold the minions of the Abyss at bay long enough for Samuel to complete his quest.

The deeper you go into the Rift, the more chaos will consume you. Will you be able to divine its true nature and find Aria or will you succumb to its madness?

Game Features and Highlights :

• An ever-expanding world, quests, and challenges with regular updates coming.

• Discover an armory of equipment to customize your characters.

• An array of unique starting characters to build your team.

• Hone your tactics and strategic choices with each team combination.

• A casual-friendly gaming experience.

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