O'zapft is!

It’s tapped! The classic labyrinth game … Bavarian style.
Roll a ball through a very large beer tent and accomplish all the missions.
Lovely 3D graphics and physically correct behavior guarantee fun on and off the “Wiesn”.

The game levels tell a story about one typical day at the Oktoberfest.
Enjoy the unique atmosphere in a tent while others are still queuing …

✭✭ “The game play is smooth and enjoyable and if you like the classic labyrinth game, you’ll surely like this game.”
– Monster Mobile Marketing ✭✭

– 15 action packed missions
– Original Bavarian graphics and sounds
– Optimized 3D graphics for HD Retina displays
– Easy and intuitive controls
– Presented in English
– No ads
– No extra costs

Watch the latest gameplay video:


Welcome to Munich!
Welcome to the Oktoberfest!

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