^o^Spy Tortoise^o^

★★★★★”^o^ Spy Tortoise^o^ “★★★★★
“^o^ Spy Tortoise^o^ “is an interesting game.
Spys is not exist among the human beings,it is also in the tortoises.
Just like the human beings’ society,there are also wars between the tortoises as well.
In order to win the war,they have to release many tortoises to be the spies.
As a result ,a lot of tortoises have to be the spies just for their country.
However ,it is not an easy thing to be the spy.They should do a lot of excises,and the most foundation excise is that how to run fast.
In this game ,you should stop the tortoises going to the sea.
It is very easy to control,all you need is tap the tortoises as soon as possible。
It is a interesting game when you kill time at home!
Just explore the different world !

-Easy to learn ,hard to master
-Support Game Centre
-Escape even from the most desperate situations
-Great for all ages
-Beautiful colorful visual and amazing music
-Unique gameplay

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