O Quan Bantumi

***** Please note:
– This game is a historically traditional game from Indochina.
– Player should read and learn the rule before enjoy playing.
– Watch it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gyNnVrM9D4

Please do not judge this game by its simple graphic. The computer AI and your first time experience this kind of game make its value.

This update enhance computer AI level.
There are 3 AI levels for player to compete:
– Easy AI.
– Medium AI is a good calculating player who always collects as much as possible.
– Hard AI is an expert who not only collect most but also prevent player from collect stones. It extremely hard to beat the Hard AI.


O Quan Bantumi (also literally called Mandarin Square Capturing) is one game in mancala family board game which is popular around the world.

Differ from common mancala games, the game allows players take out captured stones, makes the game more interesting.

The game mostly played in Indochina.

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