Fed up with airline charges? Now it’s your turn to be greedy!

From booking a flight, to boarding the plane, the modern traveller is on a constant mission to avoid extra charges.

From excess baggage fees and boarding card fines to the embarrassment of trying to squeeze hand luggage into one of those crates!

In Mickey O’Greedy’s Luggage Swindle we’ve turned the tables and now you’re the boss! It’s your job to watch passengers move through the airport and grab as many as you can, the more passengers you grab the more money you’ll make.

Grab the wrong passenger and you’ll be fined, but grab a Golden Granny and you’ll be highly rewarded!

Luggage swindle is a fast paced, against the clock around the world challenge. You’ll grab golfers in Edinburgh and businessmen in Hong Kong, with all your achievements and scores safely stored in your passport.

Fun for all the family and the perfect way to relieve travel stress – can you beat Mickey O’Greedy?

– Touch to grab.
– Play on the go with 30 second levels.
– Infinite levels with increasing difficulty and targets.
– Bronze, Silver & Gold level targets.
– Travel through airports around the world.
– Grab shoppers in NYC, Families in Malaga and more.

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