O Ball Lite

O Ball is tired of being hit around pool tables and dreams of exploring the globe. However, Number Eight has started a mind-controlling scheme for global domination. Due to a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, only O Ball, with your guidance, can stop Number Eight achieving his goal.

Help O Ball capture the Henchballs, which Number Eight has hypnotized to take over the world. Roll O Ball around obstacles and inanimate objects, smash through the Henchballs’ defenses, and use vehicles to your advantage to knock the Henchballs into various holes and containers.

The game combines elements of pool, snooker, pinball, golf and crazy golf. The lite version contains 3 scoring levels and 9 stars to collect, as well as 2 beginner’s levels and a practice arena.

Can you hone all of your ball skills and become the ultimate Henchball gatherer, and stop Number Eight?

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