Have you dreamt to dominate Wall Street? To be a congressman? Or mafia…

You have no money when you entered New York City on the first day, and also got $30w loan you need to pay off it within 30 days. Simple rules but hard to challenge!

NYC Dream brings you the over 20 famous scene of New York City, with a sophisticated trading system and random interactive event, you can:
* obtain the business information and anticipate the market at Central Station;
* cheap buyout goods in black market, and go to Manhattan earn more money;
* be careful beggars, police, government officials and the mafia came to make you troubles when you are in business;

Your photos can be published headline of New York Times, but also FBI wanted. Take care yourself!

****** Features ******

-50 kinds of traded goods
– A perfect running business system
– Distinctive interactive events
-More than 30 achievements

Download NYC Dream, and an American Dream will come true!

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