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Nutty Fluffies is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Nutty Fluffies Review

Do you ever wonder what happens inside an amusement park after everything is closed up for the Winter? Someone at Ubisoft apparently did, and Nutty Fluffies is the answer.

Admittedly, with a name like ‘Nutty Fluffies’ and an icon such as the one this game sports leaves one wondering what to expect, and a side-scrolling action roller coaster physics platformer would probably be pretty low on anyone’s list of guesses. But as crazy as it all sounds, it just works.

The premise is easy to learn, but tricky to master– and it’s a good thing, given that the game leaves you alone to figure out most of it. You load up a set of roller coaster cars with different animals, and using your finger, you set them off down the track. Swiping to the right builds more speed and more momentum, while swiping left slows you down.

Loop de loop.

You’ll have to switch back and forth between the two a lot, as your goal is to get as many of the hearts lining the track as you can, and some of them require a bit of hangtime to nab. But you must be careful, as having too much momentum can send your cars flying off the track, turning and flipping in the air and crashing down on the tracks below. Even then, it can be very tricky to make it to the end of the ride with all your passengers intact, and the game seems to force you to choose between them and the hearts on the track.

So, why not just ditch the passengers? Well, besides the terrified screams of cats, dogs, and other critters ringing in your ears from the crash (this park really needs better seat restraints), each one has different attributes that also reward you hearts. For example, cats love the thrill of racing downward, while dogs prefer being airborne. And at the end, you get a bonus supplement of hearts for each animal who makes it.

Love is in the air.

And this is where it all comes together: hearts are basically cashed out for coins, which are needed to unlock new tracks. However, save for the mice, you’ll need to invest coins into each type of passenger (dogs, cats, pigs, elephants) you want occupying your cars. The greater the investment, the greater the reward, though also the greater the risk– don’t forget the part about them falling out if you play too rough.

It’s an interesting balance that encourages replay value, though perhaps a little too much. It isn’t long before you’re dealing with more expensive tracks and riders, and you’ll have to go on the same rides over and over. While the cars keep moving down the tracks, this is where the fun starts to hit the brakes. You can take new riders back to older tracks to score more hearts, but even then it can take too long to progress. But despite the drawbacks, Nutty Fluffies offers lots of fun and definitely comes recommended.