This app is free for download until 12 june!

This app commands you to act weirdly. Every now and again your Iphone tells you that you have received a new command, and you have to obey immediately!

For example, you can receive a task when you’re standing in line at the grocery store, that tells you to lose control over your voice strength. Or at work, among your colleagues, where you suddenly are supposed to act as you’re drunk, or start staring in the roof talking to evil spirits. Or maybe look as if someone farted really bad.
See more example commands among the pictures.

Nutcase contains 80 hilarious commands and it’s possible to in app-purchase another 80. Regardless if you choose to obey or not, you will probably smile at the command.

• You can program how many commands you receive every day. The commands appear randomly during the day.
• If you think a command suits a friend better, you can forward it to him or her.
• Warn your friends on Facebook that you might act a little strangely.
• Pause the app when you think it’s (extra) inappropriate to receive commands

If you like charades and sitcom humor, Nutcase is the app for you!

Nutcase was designed by ABRACADABRA, who also brings you INTIMATE and Daredevil.

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