“Numdom”: the ultimate puzzle apps for the iOS with complete new design!

• More exciting than “Sudoku” yet easier than a jigsaw puzzle
• A whole new style for a puzzle — Fun and Easy
• Easy to understand tutorial allows the user to instantly grasp the rules and how to play
• Esthetically and logically sophisticated design

I. A High Quality Puzzle
Created by the world renowned puzzle creator Yosuke Imai, this puzzle contains both logical and esthetic beauty with abundance in different kinds of symmetrical designs. The beauty and the sophistication are also apparent in the line-up of the numbers, as well as the variety of the symmetrical placement of the blocks. The apps is designed to bring out the best in the puzzle and to enhance its appeals.

II. Simple and Cool
“Numdom” eliminated the grids that were present in all previous puzzles. We asked ourselves the question: do we really need the grids for the iOS, a complete new media tool? What is an ideal design for the iOS puzzle apps? And our answer is “Numdom.”
We sought to maximize the capabilities of the iOS, as well as to represent the important essence of the puzzle.
With the birth of “Numdom,” we succeeded in expanding the new horizons of the puzzle apps!

III. Try it and you will see; there has never been a such an exciting puzzle apps. The magical experience starts from the moment you touch the screen, and continues up to the moment you solve the puzzle.
Take a journey into this unprecedented path to solving the puzzle.

Shoryudo will continue to explore the new frontiers of the apps.
Do not forget to download our previous apps, “Omachi,” too!

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