It has ranked as number 1 in AppStore, and still keeping its fans entertained. NumerZone has returned with amplified features.

This puzzle game has a beautiful design, feel and sound that relaxes you, and you get to experience all of them at the same time while you are playing it. This phenomenal world of NumberZone is a must see. It’s not only beautiful, but the puzzle itself has been reconstructed and more complexed to provide you some brain training. It’s an ideal way to get your focus back in the morning.

▼How To Play
It is fairly easy to play this game. You can swipe the screen to trace and erase ball. However, look closely to the number written on each piece. That number shows how many balls you can swipe at a time.

▼Update Schedule
We will add new looks in a few weeks.

▼ Information for more games
We announce new apps information on fan-page :)
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