Numbered HD

Have you ever wondered what a numeric version of the world-famous Scrabbl game would look like?

Wonder no more, as this exciting new game brings together a numeric and strategic challenge as well as the opportunity to take on players from across the globe in a head-to-head showdown to determine who is the ruler of the numeric world. ‘Numbered’ is brilliant for breaking down language barriers, so either challenge your friends from your iPhone contact list or any online player to test your skills and see if you have what it takes to become the champion!
Not only is ‘Numbered’ an exceptionally fun game, it could also be used as a worthwhile education tool for children everywhere. Take advantage of the in-game bonus cards to maximise your strategy and achieve the highest possible score from the ‘Numbered’ board. Make yourself a target for all-comers by achieving supremacy and hitting the top of the in-game leaderboard!

Key Features:

• 5 different boards and 3 types of extra squares
• In game bonus cards add a strategic element to the game
• Play against existing contacts or challenge users from around the world
• Win medals for achievements as you ascend to the top of the global leaderboard

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