Number work with ermine

Study with ermines♪
It’s a cute math puzzle.

[How to play]
1. Create math formulas within the allotted time
– Tap ermines to choose panels.
– Press [Back] to cancel.

2. Not only one math formula!
– Unless math expressions give the same number as the answer, any formulas are [Good!!]
Ex. 4 + 6 = 10
4 + 3 × 2 = 10

3. Press [Go!!] to check your math expression
– If it’s correct, go on to the next question.

4. Solve 20 questions to clear a game!
– The game ends when the allotted time runs out.
– For each correct solution, the time increases by 10 seconds.

●Using many panels increases points♪
– The more panels you use, the more score you get.
– Up to seven panels are acceptable to use
– 「×」and「÷」panels give more points than other panels.
– Use these panels as many as possible!

The game supports online ranking.
Study with ermines to reach the top of the ranking.

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