Number Tap 2 – Student School Study Tool & Brain Trainer

***STUDENTS SPECIAL*** 50% off during exam season!

Brush up on your math skills with the sequel to the best selling math game Number Tap.

Practice your math in new and exciting ways!

* 4 Fun Game-modes:
* Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division
* Algebra, Missing operators & Greater than / Less than
* Quick & Addictive Gameplay
* The better you are, the harder it gets!
* Online Leaderboards
* Achievements

Race against the clock to complete the sums in this quick paced addictive game. The more questions you get right, the more time you get!

The perfect study tool for students trying to improve their grades or practice for exams!

Compete in the online leaderboards and hunt all the achievements.

Keep your brain sharp with quick thinking.

Twitter: @CraftyDeano

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