Number Place Sudoku

Number Place, also known as Sudoku, is a combinatorial number-placement puzzle. Puzzles are divided into 5 levels. The easy-to-understand guidelines are just for the beginner. If you are thinking to start a new hobby or picking up something to pass time during your commutation to office, you should not miss this.

The Japanese believe that the more you train your brain, the quicker your brain will become. That is the reason Japanese like to play Sudoku (Number Place) when their commute to office.

Additional Feature:
This game also includes a section where customized puzzle could be created and solved by a single touch. Have you ever wanted to know the solution of a puzzle, published in newspapers or magazines, but you just could not solve it. You could make use of this section to solve any 9×9 puzzle in the world.

Handy Features:
-When auto keypad is switched on, only the unfilled possible digits will be shown.
-When timer is switched on, the time of the game will be recorded.
-Answer button is also provided to reveal the answer.

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