Number Nuance for iPhone

Learning to play Number Nuance is FUN. Focus on the nuances of numbers as you navigate towards the goal: to discover a mystery number. Clues containing information about the number can be selected, helping to discover the hidden number. User decides which new clues to uncover as gameplay unfolds.

The challenge is to try to discover the number by asking for as few clues as possible!

Get familiar with new math concepts or have fun with ones you already know by putting mathematical ideas to problem-solving use.

We’ve included two puzzle solving tools. The first is an in-game calculator. The second — and our favorite — is a notepad to scribble on. Take notes, cross out numbers using the process of elimination, doodle… whatever helps for the best calculating and puzzle solving!

High scores section in the More tab keeps track of the ten highest scores. There is an option to reset all scores.

Enjoy appealing, custom-made graphics and peaceful music during gameplay. Music and sound effects can be turned off and the volume can be adjusted. Music in the Music App can be listened to while you play. Facetime or Phone calls will not disrupt the current game.

If the app is not completely quit, the current game will stay suspended in the background, ready to be resumed when the user is ready. A new game can be started at any point by selecting the restart button in the Settings section of the More tab of the game.

Try to solve the puzzle with only the tools given. But if stuck or a mistake has been made, press the hint button on the Settings page to get help. For some this help will be educational and provide an opportunity for understanding the intricacies of numbers.

Number Nuance is a fun number discovery game you will want to play for hours, and it can help you understand mathematical operations while you are at it.

Designed by mathematicians, the game has its roots in solid math and is completely solvable — no guessing required. But you may choose to guess in certain scenarios to take a chance at an extremely high score — it is up to you to calculate the probabilities.

We put this section in for those who are looking for math instruction. While we tout this app as a GAME (for us it is all game!), it most certainly will familiarize students of all ages with concepts such as prime, divisibility, squares, and modulus.

This app was tested on iPhone 5 with iOS6.1, and on iPhone 4 with iOS6.0 and on iPhone 4S with iOS6.1.3

Each clue selected costs a certain amount to be taken away from a score-keeping pie chart that is on screen. As soon as the pie chart is emptied, the score will be zero. At this point, one more guess can be made — if it is incorrect there will be a “game over.” (This scoring holds true unless “play until you win” mode is on).

If desired, turn the “play until you win” mode on. This will allow you to continue to play the game until you win — no matter how long it takes you. Background music and sound effects can be turned off, and volume can be adjusted.

The mystery number is one of 126 numbers. There are 17 clues to choose from, including “Is it prime?”, “What is the sum of its digits?”, Is it even?”, “Does the number (mod 5) equal 3?” and more. Don’t worry if you don’t know what “mod” is — a definition of it is provided in-game.

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