Number Lock

Help support overseas efforts!
Every download of Number Lock donates money to orphanages and disaster efforts in struggling nations that don’t know God.

An addictive puzzle style game!
(Not sure about paying $2? Try the free version!)

Number Lock is a very simple game that you simply won’t be able to put down – upon starting the game you’ll see your screen fill with numbers but don’t worry, you won’t have to do any math!

Pick any square to start with and whatever number you wish and the square will be in a held state. From this point forward, you can only touch squares that are above, below, left or right of a held square. Continue pressing more squares to fill the entire board with your number! It’s that easy!

Try to complete all the challenges if you can – they can be quite.. well – challenging!

Watch this video on YouTube for a quick demonstration:

*Compare times with friends to see who’s the fastest
*Try and complete all the challenges – IF you can! ; )
*Many updates are set to come for this great game – Thanks for being a part of it!

Questions? Comments? Or just plain like the game?
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