Number Fill S Fill-in Crossword Puzzles

Welcome to Number Fill S, puzzle fans, where you can play classic number fill-in puzzles on your mobile device! The new, larger, 9×9 (iPhone) and 15×15 (iPad) grids will be filled with blank spaces and it is your job to use logic to figure out how to put the given numbers into the grid so they all fit. It’s like a crossword puzzle, but with numbers instead of words.

Don’t worry – if you get stuck you can ask for a hint or you can make a guess about where a number should go. You will receive immediate feedback as to whether you were right or not – if you were wrong, you will face a time penalty. Finish the puzzle in the fastest time possible, then challenge your friends to beat your best time.

To play, press one of the numbers to the left of the play field then touch the square where you think the first digit of the number should go. There may be a second and third page of numbers – press the “+” (page up) button to access these additional pages.

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