Number Fill Daily 2012

Play a brand new number crossword puzzle every day of 2012! In this game, you are given a 9×9 grid (15×15 on iPad) and a list of numbers (1-5 digits each) including a hint of which direction the number appears in the grid. Your job is to use logic to place all of the numbers into the puzzle. If you get stuck, take a hint in exchange for a small time penalty.

When you finish the puzzle, share your results via Twitter to challenge your friends to beat your best time; use the hash tag #numberfill to find other players’ best times.

The basic version includes one puzzle per day for the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012. You may choose to permanently unlock 5 additional puzzle sizes for $1 each and two other styles of puzzle for $2 each (or unlock all sizes and styles for $5) to play up to 18 puzzles per day (6 sizes * 3 styles). After 2012 you will be able to purchase the 2013 puzzles (for $2 or less) or continue playing the 2012 puzzles.

Additional features are planned so check back frequently!

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