Number Blocks – Are you a numbers wiz?

★★★★★ Brain games are the best and this is one of them. UK Reviewer

Number Block’s number puzzles will put you on alert. Pay attention or you’ll miss the clue and make a mistake.

Number Blocks is a series of memory, mathematics and logic puzzles, divided into blocks of time. The faster and more accurate your answers, the higher your score. At first, it is easy, you might even relax. Don’t. The next Block is tougher than the first and the time you have to answer is reduced. Plus, the questions are ever-changing. Stay alert.

Number Blocks comes in four modes, the first, called “Junior Number Blocks,” gives you a taste of what is set to come. “Block 3,” the highest level separates the men from the boys. Beat this section and you’ve earned the right to try our “secret challenge.”

Number Blocks features

✸ 12 badges – collect them all
✸ Game Center integration
✸ Earned ‘level-up’
✸ Multiple language
✸ Twitter, Facebook, SMS sharing

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Have fun!

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