Number Blitz

Train your memory in Number Blitz.


+ Universal application
+ iPhone with Retina Support
+ iPod
+ iPad
+ Simple and challenging play
+ Completely FREE
+ Five different game modes
+ GameCenter enabled
+ Achievements
+ Leaderboards

Number Blitz is a suite of number based memory games. It’s very easy to pick up and play and progressively challenges your memory through increasing difficulty.

[1. Sequence]

+ Each new round a new digit will be added to the numerical sequence. Repeat the entire sequence without error to continue to the next round.
+ The game ends when you can no longer remember and repeat the sequence in the correct order.

[2. Flash]

+ Memorize the numerical sequence that FLASHES onto the screen.
+ After a short period the numbers fade away and you must repeat them correctly without error.
+ Each round the total size of the numerical sequence increases.

[3. Reverse]

+ Similar to Flash but you must repeat the numerical sequence in REVERSE.

[4. Calculate]

+ Each new round a algebra equation is presented on the screen.
+ Solve for each comma deliminated equation and enter in the numerical value in order.
+ For example: (5 X 2),(2 + 2),(10 – 8). You would enter: 10 4 2

[5. Addition]
+ Each new round a sequence of numbers will FLASH on the screen. Quickly add up the numbers and enter in the value
+ Remember what numbers were displayed and adding up in your memory is key for later in the game.

How large is your memory? Download now for FREE to find out.

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