NudeRunner-Girl Edition

Rating: 17+

NudeRunner-Girl Edition is a game from Piky Team, originally released 23rd October, 2010


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    New App A Day: NudeRunner-Girl Edition (NSFW)

    Today’s featured app is NudeRunner-Girl Edition, the game that’s currently the most downloaded free game on the App Store. From title to graphics, this game seems like it’s in direct violation of Apple’s policy on racy material; but for better or worse, somehow it made it through the approval process.

    NudeRunner-Girl Edition is an OpenFeint-enabled high score game that has you guide a naked woman around a room while three big dudes randomly bump around, trying to catch her. The goal is to evade the men as long as possible, so if one of the guys touches the girl, it’s game over. We should mention that the woman’s delicate areas are always tactfully covered either by her hands, knees, or a black censor bar.

    But it takes more than almost-nudity to keep gamers coming back, and here NudeRunner fails to deliver. There’s only one background, and the gameplay is so simple that you’re virtually guaranteed to become bored after a minute or two. And by the way, seeing three angry men chase a naked woman is alarming for a variety of reasons.

    But to leave our discussion of NudeRunner-Girl Edition at that would be to ignore the reason this game is so popular in the first place, which is the ingenious way it’s presented to potential downloaders. First, the game’s saucy title and icon grab the eye and make you want to know more. Your next impulse is to look at the game’s screenshots, but when you do you’ll only find one, and it shows the outline of the naked woman. To see what this game really has to offer, you have to download it, and since it’s free you have nothing to lose. Boom, they’ve got you hook, line, and sinker.

    For anyone not interested in ladies, there is a male version of the game, simply called Nude Runner, which features a sports streaking motif and comes off as much less creepy.

    We have to reiterate that this game is extremely boring and there’s really no reason to download it outside of curiosity. So to allay your curiosity, we present to you two somewhat-NSFW screenshots from the actual game. You’re welcome.