Nude Art

Nude Art is a multi-puzzle game, playing on nude art images of famous artists.

For each image, player can play three puzzle types: Jigsaw, Sliding, Swap (swap is the easiest, jigsaw is little more difficult, when sliding is much more difficult) .

Player can change number of pieces from very few (4 pieces) to many (over 150 pieces), modify the level of competition to get more or less helper (for example, to display ghost images or display indexes of pieces).

By changing type of puzzles and number of pieces player changes difficulty of the game from too-easy to too-difficulty to play. Thus game can be suitable from easy players to anyone who wants a huge challenge.

When playing or completing a puzzle, player can send current image to other (via email) or post on Facebook to ask helps or to show the result. He can also send score to Game center to show or to challenge others.

When player does not want to play, he can enjoy all images by playing slide show with abilities of stopping, zooming in / out, changing speed,… at any image.

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