nQubed Lite

nQubed Lite is the classic 3x3x3 3D cube puzzle. Scramble the cube and restore all the sides to their original state. Looking for more of a challenge? Don’t just place the cubes by color, but also place them in their proper orientation!

The full version of the app, nQubed, offers sizes from a 2‑Cube (2x2x2) to a 7‑Cube (7x7x7), plus the added challenge of placing cubes in their proper position.

Choose from nine different colors for each of the six sides of the cube.

Rotate the cube and layers with simple one-finger control.

Make a mistake? Undo and Redo moves.

The full version of the app, nQubed, also allows you to select images from your photo album for the cube sides, as well as track your performances by time and moves.

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