npc namer

Fumbling for the name of that NPC can totally break the flow of your narrative. At last, you can have the power of a random name generator in the palm of your hand. So when the sneaky merchant leans in and whispers, “listen… this deal, it’s all good… you can trust… uhmmm… you know you can rely on the famous… err…” you can quickly turn to your iPhone and find a suitable name.

Who knows, maybe that name will open up a whole new narrative thread for you. No matter what, it will be big fun in a small package.

We’ve currently working with five name dictionaries, but plan to add more in the near future based on your feedback. Want cyberpunk? Let us know! Want World of Warcraft races? Let us know! If it has a distinctive setting we’ll add it in with your feedback. From Albion to Xen’drik, we’ve got you covered.

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