Novel Idea

Novel Idea is a “create a story one sentence at a time” social word app with an even playing field, making it fun, competitive and challenging for all ages. Stimulate your creativity and innovation with this simple-to-learn, yet complex-to-master app by writing a story with (up to four of) your friends, one sentence at a time, while using vocabulary words appropriate for your age group.

Game modes include: “Novel Idea” (where a first sentence is provided), “Theme” (where a story theme is given to help stimulate creativity), “No-Rules” (no rules, no help, no twists, just scoring) and “Versus” (where you just have to use bonus words and keywords to form sentences ), as well as challenge modes. When you’re done, share, brag, post, and/or rate the story via the website.

Parents! Play with your kids! Kids! Beat the tar out of your parents! Sentences score points, stories score rewards! Put your school jargon to use and let your imagination run wild!

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