Noty & Moky

Universal Rating: 4+

Noty & Moky is a game from Erawppa Co., Ltd., originally released 11th April, 2011


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Noty & Moky Review

Eek. Eek. In the mood for some…monkeying around? Noty and Moky are two cool primates who have your back. As an added bonus, they’ll even groom it for parasites.

Noty & Moky takes a heavy cue from the WarioWare series of games that helped launch Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance in the early Aughts. In other words, the game’s two host monkeys will guide you through 50 levels comprised of twitch-based minigames.

See, the monkeys are on a quest to antagonize each other, and you must control your iPhone in the correct manner in order to help them along. Sometimes, this involves shooting an apple off one monkey’s head with a dart (tap a target), blowing up balloons (shake the iPhone), putting a “Kick Me” sign on the rival monkey’s back (swipe the screen), or blowing out birthday candles (blow into the iPhone).

Chug, chug, chug!

Unlike WarioWare, however, your cue on how to succeed at a particular level is visual, not textual. As each level loads (it can take a little while, which breaks up the game’s frantic pace), a little picture pops up on screen that demonstrates how you must, er, correctly manipulate your iPhone in order to win that particular game.

This can lead to problems, because it’s not always clear how you’re supposed to win a certain game. WarioWare games work because they deliver very specific, very succinct instructions: “Run!” “Jump!” “Fly!” Etc. If you’re shown an image of a finger sliding across an iPhone screen, that can mean almost anything. There is a primer at the title screen, and it does help to study it, but it doesn’t eliminate the problems coupled with the game’s non-specific instructions.

That said, Noty & Moky is still pretty fun to power through. Noty and Moky are cheeky little monkeys, and you’ll laugh at their antics. Fifty mini-games might not be enough for anyone who’s looking for depth (you’ll repeat several games with each play session), but unlike the WarioWare titles, there is the potential for more add-ons with future updates. With continued attention, Noty & Moky should remain a decent way to keep twitchy little simians in their seats for more than a few minutes at a time.