Noodles Master


* New capsule machine has come


Noodles Master has simple game rule with nice graphics and fun sound effect. Try to tap the noodles before the time runs out. Although the rules are simple, it’s not easy to get a high mark without good strategy.

This game contains four mini-games. And we are going add new mini-games continuously.
– Quick Pick
– Noodles-Go-Round
– Checker
– Capsule Machine

This game is already optimized with both Retina display (high-res) in this version and low-res graphics.

Language supported: English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified)


* 新增了轉蛋機/扭蛋機



﹣ 極速吃拉麵
﹣ 迴轉拉麵
﹣ 拉麵格格趣
﹣ 轉蛋機/扭蛋機

本遊戲現時支援Retina display (高解像度) 及低解像度。


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