Noodle Catch

Use a bowl to catch ingredients quickly because the owner throws them!
Catch as many ingredients as possible to be the best noodle catcher!

[How to play]
Tilt right and left to move a Japanese businessman.
-Tilt greatly then the Japanese businessman moves quickly.
-The oily floor is slippery. Watch out!

Catch ingredients that the owner throws.
-The more score you get, the faster the owner throws.

[Game over]
When you fail to catch noodles five times, it’s game over.

[The variety of ingredients]
Each ingredient that the owner throws gives you one point.
-Failure to catch noodles decreases health.
・Naruto, Char siu, Menma
-Failure to catch these ingredients doesn’t reduce health.

Slip on ingredients on the floor.

If ingredients hit the face of the Japanese businessman, he hops and can’t move for a while.
In addition, if noodles hit his face, health will be decreased.

[Online ranking]
-Press SCORES to check your score.
-Try to get the highest score possible!

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