Nonogram Style Pro

More Levels will be added soon. Special Thanks for Pro Version customers. Thanks for your support.
Nonogram Style Pro Version is a puzzle game which packed 300+ Levels.Your aim in these puzzles is to color the whole grid in to red ball and clear blue ball. It is redesigned for new iPad and iPhone5.
How To Play: At the top of each column, and at the side of each row, you will notice a set of one or more numbers. These numbers tell you the runs of red balls in that row/column. So, if you see ’10 1′, that tells you that there will be a run of exactly 10 red balls, followed by one or more blank cell, followed by a single red ball. There may be more red balls before/after this sequence.
— With this game, you can enjoy the magic puzzle and got the new lifestyle “Say bye to fool brain”.
— 200+ Levels are waiting for you. Try more once time everyday, right now!
— Not only solve puzzle level, collect gram card also supported . Interesting?

★★ Pro feature ★★
1. Redesign ui and retina display optimized . 
2. New game control improve player game feeling.
3. Not only iPad version any more, Pro version support all devices now.
4. Some crazy levels be optimized .
5. No AD Display. return you a green world.

Sudoku fix. ★★★★★
by Tom – Version 1.0 – Feb 5, 2013

Nonogram Style really offers hours of entertainment broken down into 5-minute chunks. If you’re a sudoku fiend in need of a new fix, I would highly recommend checking out Nonogram Style !

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