Nonio is an old and well known game. Its usually played in schools and universities on grid paper. Due to the small amount of rules and the simple layout it seems to be easy to finish, but it develops a high complexity over time and can get very addicting.

The goal is to cross out all digits on the grid and the rules are simple. You’re allowed to cross out numbers which add up to 10 or are equal. The numbers must be in the same column or row and the space in-between must be empty or filled with crossed out numbers. You’re able to cross out numbers over multiple lines as long as there are no other numbers in-between.

This version of Nonio features:
– the classic game starting with the numbers 1 to 19
– a random game with random numbers
– local highscores with multiple users
– saves your last game to resume it later
– stats of your needed steps, time and used rows
– possibility to give up if you don’t want to play further, but still know your score
– fullscreen mode (requires Pro Upgrade)
– infinite grid, play as long as you want
– undo button, to avoid annoying mistakes
– modern design
– Game Center integration, compete with your friends and find out who is the fastest player
– Facebook integration, share your scores with your friends and compete with them
– Twitter integration, share your score on Twitter to see how your friends make

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