Non-tank Age

Can you image a tomato is running to you someday?

This new game lets you fight against evil and unique creatures in virtual world. If you like DDTank or Angry Birds, you’ll like this new game more.

Join in on the fun and create the best weapon ever!

Game feature:

★ The game system has been simplified utmost and very easy to play.

★ Lovely protagonist display system. 0.3 million equipment collocationand nearly 200 kinds of dressing styles. Be a different yourself as you want.

★ New single-player mode. Play anytime and anywhere without network restriction.

★ Support game center perfectly. New achievement and global leader board.

★ Looking for enemies online. Defeat your buddies and global winners, Forge epic legend.

★ Easy to fortify your equipment and make decoration, create unique weapon.

★ A new NPC read me system. Humorous speaking would bring you fun and happiness.

★ As long as you play, you will be rewarded lots of diamonds and golden coins.

★ New operating control system, dedicated to bringing you the best gaming experience.

★ The knock back weapons drive back the enemies, and let you experience special victory.

★ Different combat skill sets let you entirely enjoy the fighting fun.

★ Many battle scenes bring you into a bizarre fairy tale world.

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