Noah's Bible Challenge

“…fun, fresh, and full of high quality content. 95/100″

Noah has been asked by God to rescue all of the animals before the big flood comes and he needs your help rounding them up! The only way to collect the animals is to correctly answer rounds of questions based on the Bible.

Designed with two levels of play, beginner and advanced, this all-ages trivia game includes: an animated and talking Noah to help guide players through the game, animated rainfall with real rain and thunder sounds, more than 500 multiple-choice questions based on the Old and New Testament, more than 100 Bible verses to inspire, more than 30 fascinating facts about Jesus, more than 20 fascinating facts about God and an entertaining collection of animals for hours and hours of fun to be had by the whole family whilst learning scripture!

500+ multiple-choice questions based on the Old and New Testaments
100+ Bible verses to inspire
30+ fascinating facts about Jesus
20+ fascinating facts about God
Animated rainfall with real rain and thunder sounds
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