Noah's Ark – Help Noah Save All the Animals – Bible Based Game for Kids

Noah’s Ark Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod is finally here, its along awaited bible based game for all children.

Help Noah save all the Animals, bring them up to Noah’s Ark where the animals are safe on board. You will see animals such as Tigers, Deers, Monkeys, Birds, Zebras Elephants and many more.

How to Play:
Navigate Noah away from the ark by clicking on the navigation buttons or the arrow buttons, and try to help him capture the animals, one at a time, once you capture the animal, bring it back to the ark’s door to get the animal inside, then go back to capture the rest.
You have to reach score of 100 to pass each level. every different animal has a different point, for example, if you capture a bird and bring it back to the ark, you will get 10 points.

For limited time only, Download and install Noah’s Ark now for free.

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