Noah's ark HD

★Doll Catch Game
★Vocal Music Exercises
★Spatial Intelligence / Musical Intelligence
★Suitable for Children Aged 2-4

Have you ever played the doll catcher machine in the street? Have you ever stared through the transparent layer, dreaming of one doll inside being yours? When you finally picked up your favorite doll, was your heart also filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment?

★★★Education Theory★★★

Today, many children around the age of two have lost many chances to experience and explore the world under the protection of their parents and grandparents. When their family members act on their behalf, they can’t experience the joy of success after setbacks, or it is difficult for them to acquire and build their sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, which are important parts of children’s emotional intelligence.

★★★Education Characteristics★★★

This application is the representation of doll catcher machine, but endures it with life. It brings children into a scenario fragment, where they would develop the sense of loving animals when rescuing animals and final experience the sense of happiness and accomplishment after successfully saving all animals!

★★★Expanding Thinking★★★

In the last game screen, when a ship filled with animals is entering the sea, can you notice the ship will shake with the “wave” slightly? Can you compose a lovely piece of music for the passengers? “Surprises” will be waiting for you to find and discover!


Carefully consideration for children: Moon Icon – switch light mode to protect children’s eye sights.
Carefully consideration for parents: Clock Icon – a flexible set to help you control children’s game time.

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