Noah's Animals

Help Noah load the Ark by finding all the animals 2 by 2. Noah’s Ark is super easy to play. Just choose the type of animals that you want to match and press “Go!” to enter the game.

Match up the pairs of animals to test your memory. Your goal is to match all the Animals so Noah can load them in the Ark. Start by touching a box on the screen, when the animal appears, try to match it by touching another box on the screen. If the animals match they will stay facing you and you can try to find another pair of animals. If they do not match the box will flip over and you can continue searching for animal pairs.

There are 3 additional sets of animals that can be added to the fun.

* Noah’s Fish
* Noah’s Birds
* Noah’s Bugs

Just push the add button from the “Start” screen. After you have added these sets of fun animals you can navigate between screens by using the arrow buttons on the “Go” screen or by simply sliding your finger across the screen.

We hope you enjoy playing Noah’s Ark as much as we enjoyed making it.
The Noah’s Ark Team

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