No, Human

from vol-2, originally released 24th August, 2010

“No, Human” is a physics based action-puzzle game, taking place during the latest conflict between mankind's puny struggle for meaning and the universe. With your skillful finger, a delight in destruction and some patience, you will demobilize the human presence outside of planet earth in a joyf...

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New App A Day: No, Human

In No, Human you play as The Universe. Your goal? To stop humans from spreading to your every edge and corner. But because it would be no fair to blow up Earth and wipe them all out at once, you limit yourself to destroying all space ships and stations you find floating out in the endless vacuum of space.

To cause this destruction, you fling asteroids at the man-made structures. Sometimes this is easy, and there’s a direct route between the asteroids and your target. But more often you’ll find space rocks or spheres of ice in the way, and your job is to figure out how to ricochet the asteroids around the obstacles. Some obstacles have gravitational pull or resistance that affects the trajectory of your asteroid, while some space debris becomes flingable when an asteroid brushes past it. There’s little guidance in the game, and part of the fun is figuring out what the different level elements do.

You get points based on how direct your hit is and how much damage you cause. If you’re not satisfied with how many points you racked up on any given stage, you can replay it immediately. And because No, Human is a universal app, it’ll run in native resolution on an iPad too. So far we’re having a lot of fun with the No, Human. If you like action puzzle games, it’s definitely worth a look.