Nitrome Touchy

Nitrome Touchy is a brand new app that lets you play Nitrome’s browser games at using your iDevice as a console controller.

Download the Touchy app for free and try out the motion controlled game ‘Super Snotput’. Gamers can play the other launch games via a one time in app purchase. This will give players full access to the 10 launch titles. They are as follows:

Super Snotput
Magic Touch
Swindler – The Great Drop'n' Roller
Double Edged
Flash Cat
Thin Ice
Worm Food
Mega Mash
Off The Rails

Try simultaneous multiplayer gaming with your friends in the epic side scrolling action game Double Edged, or race in Flash Cat using your iDevice as a steering wheel… there is so much Touchy can do!

Touchy control schemes vary from virtual pads, custom interfaces, tilt based gaming, 1 to 1 motion controls and touch based drawing… and we're just getting started!

More games coming soon!

Game on!

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