Nitro Moto Racer Plus

Drivers get ready!
It is time to turn the key in the ignition. Pick your target then buckle up for a high adrenaline chase. Spark up the engine and get involved in this amazing game.

The lights go green. Let's Go!

Start off slow if you must but as you master your racing skills hit the Nitro Boost and see your car rush through the field.

But hey, budding race star, watch out! Too much Nitro and you could smash into a rival car. A crash will put you out of the chase for now, but not for long.

Have you got what it takes ?
Is the crazy driver in you ready for the challenges of this high speed game?

Try building up your race skills in each of the 4 available game modes.

This game will soon get your pulse pumping. It’s thrills and spills all the way as you weave through the traffic. Its an amazing experience. All set to a cool soundtrack.


★★ Tilt your device to steer
★★ Use the touch screen to hit the nitro speed boost
★★ Game Center integrated, Achievements and Leaderboards.
★★ Great soundtrack and SFX. Punch up the volume!
★★ Turn off SFX for quiet mode!
★★ This game has 4 race games that will appeal to all skill levels.
★★ HD Retina video & graphics for supporting devices.


This is an addictive game that will have you coming back again and again. You won’t want to put it down. Have fun and be careful out there!

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