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Nirvana Revenge is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Nirvana Revenge Hits the App Store

Get out your flannel shirts and stop washing your hair, because Nirvana Revenge is now live on the App Store. This is the latest addition to the Tap Tap series, but the gameplay doesn’t stray far from previous entries like Tap Tap Revenge 3. Notes slide down a guitar fretboard as the songs play, and your job is to tap the screen and flick your iPhone to the beat.

Any music fan who was around in the early nineties will appreciate the angst-filled track list comprised of certified Nirvana hits. We sort of wish they’d included more songs instead of adding the live versions of some tracks, but we can’t say we’re disappointed by the song selection.

Here’s the track list:

-All Apologies


-Breed (Live)

-Come As You Are

-Heart Shaped Box

-In Bloom


-Lithium (Live)

-Rape Me

-Smells Like Teen Spirit

-Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live)

-Stay Away

-You Know You’re Right

The game also includes a brief history of the band and some short audio clips of interviews between tracks. It’s more of a track pack than a whole new game, but if you like Nirvana and you dig the Tap Tap series, you might want to pick this one up for $4.99.