Ninth Facet

review by CrackedDish: “It’s like going through the interior of the Death Star… with a tron-esque background.. this game is scratching an itch, and it feels good.”

You had better get your Zen on. An iPad 3D simulation game exclusive for the App Store. The game uses real 3D physics emulation to race through a maze of cubes and tunnel like sets of structures that go into the build up of a space ship the size of a planet. You are racing and flying through this maze in Light Jet drones, a type of racer like vehicle, simulating the experience in star battle movies and war games through asteroid fields. It gets faster and faster with each level in the game.

the one user review below about a crash is for an update to iOS5 that was instead being used on iOS4, Upgrade to iOS5 or later for very smooth problem free game play, and i’ve required iOS5 now to prevent such a situation/crash.

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