Ninjas vs Vikings HD

An ancient rivalry comes to a head in this action-packed, fast-paced, epic slashing battle!

The Vikings have stolen the Ninja’s princess, and now it’s up to you to win her back. Can you hone your ninja skills to slash through the Vikings and over their towers? BE WARNED: the Vikings have tricks up their sleeves!

“A decent slice-‘em-up with a ridiculous premise” – Pocketgamer

“This has to be one of the most frustratingly infuriatingly addictive games I’ve played” ★★★★★

“Holy S, what a great game to play when you are having a dull day at work!” ★★★★★


· Hours of addictive, sweat-inducing slashing action (in iPad HD!)
· Oodles of thrilling levels spread over 5 exceptional worlds!
· Unique and challenging viking abilities, designed to put your slashing to the test
· Over 50 Ninja skill achievements you can earn and compare with other players!
· Heart-pumping progression of difficulty—start out chilling, end up frenzied!
· In this iPad version, try playing with a partner for extra slashing and points!

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