Ninja Sweeper

For too long, mine sweeper has been about mines and flags. No more. Introducing NinjaSweeper – the best way to play minesweeper on the iPad

Updates coming in next version:
★ Speed Optimizations
★ Achievements through Game Center.
★ Cooler animations!

In the future:
★ Universal iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app
★ Optional integration with Facebook
★ Your suggestion! Leave a review and suggest what you want to see in the next NinjaSweeper version. We want to make good products for you – our customer.

★ Easy, medium and hard versions. More tiles, more ninjas.
★ Place samurai hats where you think Ninjas may be hiding. Hold down the square, and a hat will appear, hold down and it’ll disappear.
★ Global high scores through Game Center

How to play:
★ Tap a tile.
★ The tile number tells you how many ninjas are surrounding that tile.
★ Keep tapping until you clear the board! Easy in theory, but addictive.

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