Ninja Superstar

Ninja Superstar is a fast action swiping game in a world where ninjas are the celebrities and slicing and dicing your enemies is your talent.

Become the most rich and famous Ninja Superstar by slicing your way to the top!

“This game is crazy addictive! I can swipe ninjas in half all day!” -Jade_DragonesS

“ninja+swiping+cool weapons=fun, fun, fun. Awesome work. Can’t wait to see the next version with boss battles!”-BruceL33t

√Swipe your finger across the screen chopping through waves of ninja hoards
√Insanely addictive swiping gameplay
√Multiple game modes to keep you playing for hours
√MULTIPLAYER!!! Challenge other ninjas and prove you are the true superstar.
√Buy and upgrade your ninja weaponry. Choose between daggers, chains, or swords finding the right weapon for your play style.
√Compete against your friends through Game Center proving you are the top Ninja Superstar

..and MUCH MORE!

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