Ninja Shoot is a Ninja action game and totally free!

In this game, you play role of a Ninja (also known as Shinobi) in Japanese legendary stories and use deadly “shurikens”(Ninja Star) to throw at various kinds of target that appear on screen.

— Easy to play and suits everyone —
Simple using just your finger to take action, you don’t have to be a hard-core gamer, even kids or women can play easily and fast.

— Game content brings fresh mood to players —
You use Ninja shurikens(Ninja Star) to throw at breakable targets that appear on screen, this will bring to you new and interesting feelings.
You can choose between mini-games which requires high accuracy or which requires high speed action.
Ninja Shoot also supports multi-touch so you can throw shurikens freely as you like.

— New mini-games will be added in newer versions —
We will continue to upgrade and add new gameplays in next updates.
And of course they are FREE, too!

— World Ranking —
Ninja Shoot is connected to Game Center for you to compete with your friends and everybody around the world.

— Additional challenge and achievements —
You can try your best to win all achievements on the winning board.
Your scores will be saved in Game Center as well as in game.

Supported devices—————–
iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch, iPad.

* All iOS versions below 4.2 may encounter errors while playing.
So please update your device iOS to 4.3 or higher to have a best experience.
iPhone 3G is lack of device specs so you may have low performance or another unwanted problems while playing Ninja Shoot.
We apologize!

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