Ninja Runner

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Welcome to the world of Ninja Runner! Where your reflexes and timing will be put to the test. Help the Ninja avoid obstacles and spring into the air using umbrellas. Soar through the skies using precise timing to activate your glide stick to go farther and stay alive longer. With achievements and 5 belts to be unlocked you will find yourself having a plethora of fun. Survive the increasing speed and changing objects as you progress. Can you become the Ultimate Ninja with this endless running action?


– Awesome pick up and play action.

– Great for all ages.

– Simple controls.

– Endless replay ability.

– Achievement system.

– Belt system.

– Innovative running action.

– Changing objects as you progress.

– Game speed increases as you survive.

– Use the glide ability to soar through the air for extra Ninja skill.

– High score system so you can compete with friends.

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