Ninja Hamster Rescue

Ninja Hamster Rescue is a FREE addictive side scrolling action game brought to you by NAKAI Entertainment.  Simple game controls allow this game to be played by users of any age, but to master it you must have lightning fast reflexes and nerves of steel.

You are Riku, a cute, but deadly elite ninja hamster.  Tragedy strikes when the dreaded Samurai Cats attack your tree top village and begin to kidnap defenseless baby hamsters. Utilize all of your ninja training to save captured hamster babies and destroy all Samurai Cats that you come across.

Ninja Hamster Rescue features four intense game modes of side scrolling insanity.  Are you up for the challenge?

Check out the Gameplay in our Game Trailer

* 4 Intense Game Modes
* Game Center Support
* 12 Leaderboards
* 27 Achievements

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